Born and raised in Massachusetts, Russ Townsend got his start tattooing in 2006 when he was lucky enough to land an apprenticeship with local tattooer Matt Carol. After less than a year of learning and honing his skills and personal style, Russ’ mentor passed away, leaving him disheartened. "It was a tough loss and I kind of took a step back for a bit to regain my composure." Townsend was lucky enough to be surrounded by people willing to give him the advice and opportunity to get him to where he needed to be. 


A lover of skateboard and lowbrow art , Townsend appreciates the work of Ed Roth, Robt Williams and Jim Phillips. This lead almost seamlessly into his appreciation for tattoo art from artist like Dan Higgs, Greg Irons and of course the legendary Sailor Jerry Collins “There's so many different facets of art that influence what I do and how I do things” shared Townsend.


Inspired by the work done by artists list Grime, Eddie Deutche, Chad Koeplinger, Shaun Topper, Chris Garver and Tony Hundahl, he currently works out of Broad Street Tattoo creating bold, solid tattoos that do not necessarily strictly adhere to the American traditional rules. He loves bold lines and dark black but isn't afraid to use colors just outside of the American traditional pallete. “I enjoy any subject matter in that style. Fun pop culture work is always good or anything inspired by the older traditional tattoos. No gimmicks. Just solid tattooing. I just like to hang out with different people, hear their story and do tattoos. It's a simple formula."